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FAQ and Contact


Q: How can I support your research?
A: My research wish list page shows a number of items that are either needed for projects or that would improve the quality of videos, pictures, or other research outputs I can produce. This page also shows relevant links to other ways my research can be supported.

Q: Will you come speak at my event?
A: This is a question better answered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me using one of the methods below in order to discuss. If there is a specific topic or part of my research that you would like me to present on, please include that information in your message.

Q: Are you available for collaboration?
A: Yes, I am! Please send me an email at with your ideas.


You may use any of the following methods to contact me (they are listed in order of how fast you can expect a response):

  • Signal me: (if you have my number).
  • Email me:
  • Twitter DM me: @straithe.
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