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This project is focused on highlighting the creative and artistic skill within the security and technology industries as demonstrated through stickers. In this project I capture sticker stories through written articles, Twitch interviews, YouTube videos, and photography.


(Stream) A ten week stream in 2020 featuring sticker stories from sticker makers in the community.

(Blog Post) Colorado Open Source Hardware Flag Sticker with Taylor.

(Blog Post) Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast sticker with Jen Costillo and Alvaro.

(Blog Post) Unattended Device sticker with Mr Bill.

(Blog Post) WiFiKraken sticker with darkmatter.


If you are interested in donating stickers to this collection, I’d love to have them! Please send items to the address on my contact page.

If you are interested in being interviewed about a sticker you’ve created or commissioned, please email me at

Thank Yous

Thank you to the following people for contributing stickers to this project:

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