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Die Cut Digest: Unattended Device Sticker


Interviewee: Mr Bill (@SecureThisNow)
Sticker: Unattended Device
Artist: Mr Bill (@SecureThisNow)
Printer: Sticker Giant
# of stickers printed: 500+
Distributed at: LayerOne, ToorCon, DerbyCon, DEF CON, BSides Newcastle, etc.


Today’s sticker is the ‘Unattended Device’ sticker from Mr Bill (@SecureThisNow) [1].

Unattended Devices Sticker

The ‘Unattended Device’ sticker is the first sticker designed by Mr Bill. He created this sticker because of two experiences in public settings (a library and a coffee shop) where he observed unattended devices. After seeing this behaviour, Mr Bill determined that he wanted to bring security awareness to the owners of the unattended devices.

Mr Bill designed the ‘Unattended Device’ sticker himself using MicroSoft Paint. The experience of designing a sticker in Paint was tricky and required a lot of cutting and pasting. Mr Bill suggests taking the time to watch some YouTube videos on GIMP and using that tool instead of Paint.

Before taking the sticker to print, Mr Bill had a friend review the sticker. Together Mr Bill and his friend determined that the sticker needed something extra to stand out, and that is when Mr Bill added the red bars to the sticker. After the sticker was created, Mr Bill did not print the sticker for a year because he wasn’t sure where to order stickers from. In the end he chose Sticker Giant, which was acceptable, except for the fact that the stickers he chose came on a roll, which made them difficult to hand out rapidly during conferences. The benefit to using Sticker Giant is that they sent more stickers than were ordered and they had great customer service.

If you manage to get yourself some of the ‘Unattended Device’ stickers, Mr Bill would love to see them in action. Once you’ve either stickered someone’s device or left a sticker nearby, take a picture, and either tag Mr Bill or send it to him. (Please, sticker responsibly and don’t use the stickers destructively.)

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