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I have many research interests, but I tend to enjoy giving presentations on:

  • Robot Social Engineering,
  • Human-Computer Interaction,
  • Security and Privacy,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Robotics, and
  • Academia.


Nothing at this time.

Presentations, Panels, and Interviews


(PRESENTATION) Robot Social Engineering: Social Engineering Using Physical Robots, QCon New York, 2019.

(PRESENTATION) Human-Machine Interaction and Cybersecurity, NDIA Cybersecurity: Defense Sector Summit, 2019.

(PRESENTATION) Extracting Information from Academia, WOPR Summit, 2019.


(INTERVIEW) The Silver Bullet Podcast (Show 149): Brittany Postnikoff discusses the maker culture and the problem with robots, 2018.

(PANEL) (Responsible?) Offensive Machine Learning, DEF CON [AI Village], 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Hackademia: The 2018 Literature Review, BSidesLV, 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Robots and AI: What Scares the Experts?, DEF CON [SkyTalks], 2018.

(PRESENTATION) From Bot to Robot: How Abilities and Law Change with Physicality, Black Hat, 2018.

(PANEL) The Robot Wars: Securing Your Drones, Robo-Butlers, and Sexbots form Prying Eyes, RightsCon, 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry, Software Grand Rapids, 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Defending Against Robot Attacks, GLSEC, 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Defending Against Robot Attacks, Duo Security Tech Talk, 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Robotnikoff at Troopers: Robots, Security, and Privacy. Part 2., Troopers (NGI), 2018.

(PANEL) Robot Related Attacks and Research, Troopers, 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Robot Social Engineering, Human-Robot Interaction (Pioneers Workshop), 2018.

(PRESENTATION) Defending Against Robot Attacks, ShmooCon, 2018.


(PRESENTATION) Robot Social Engineering, Hackers, 2017.

(PRESENTATION) Trust and Robots, Day-Con, 2017.

(INTERVIEW) Open Sourcing Pentest Tools and Academia with InfoSec, Hak5, 2017.

(PRESENTATION) Grappling Hooks on the Ivory Tower: This Year in Practical Academic Research, BSidesLV, 2017.

(PRESENTATION) Robo-ethnography: What can robots do?, Troopers, 2017.

(PRESENTATION) Social robots and ethics: Just how DOES this work?, Toronto Area Security Klatch, 2017.


(PRESENTATION) Beyond Embedded, Day-Con, 2016.

(PRESENTATION) Women in IT Cyber Forum, Day-Con, 2016.

(PRESENTATION) Social Robots and Security: What are the concerns?, CACR seminar, University of Waterloo, 2016.

(PRESENTATION) Ethical Implications of In-Home Robots, BSidesLV, 2016.


(PRESENTATION) In-Home Robots: Lending Intruders a Helping Hand, BSidesWPG, 2015.

(PRESENTATION) Jennifer the Skiing Robot, International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Humanoid Applications Challenge, 2015.

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